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Hybrid Kombat Fit

Online Courses

Explore an extensive video library of Kombat Certified courses to get the calories shredded and your blood pumping,

Nutrition Focus

Get personalized Nutrition Tips and Diet Recommendations to help your body Kombat fat.


Hybrid Kombat Martial Arts

Hybrid Kombat Kenpo

Hybrid Kombat Jiu-Jitsu


Muay Thai



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Hybrid Kombat Online

Train Online

Learn your Kombat from the comfort of your own home. Schedule meetings with your instructor, and rank up from White Belt to Black Belt all Online.


Get access to dozens of videos for every belt rank as well as exclusive workouts. Meet one on one with your instructor and gain feedback on your progress.

About Us

Have you been searching for a local martial arts gym in Amarillo, TX? Visit Hybrid Kombat Martial Arts for a unique experience. Our Martial arts academy welcomes everyone with a willingness to learn the skills and techniques necessary to become a successful martial artist.


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